Traveling Whiskey Glass with 2 Inch Chilling Stainless Steel Ball


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9.5oz Traveling Whiskey Glass with a 2 Inch Chilling Stainless Steel Ball! Comes With Lid!

  • COOL YOUR DRINK FAST chill your whiskey, wine or spirits without diluting your drink. This food safe stainless steel ball cools your drink faster than ice, and won’t melt ensuring that your beverage tastes like it is supposed to without turning into a watered down version.
  • ALL IN ONE WHISKEY PRODUCT: Plastic Whiskey Glass, Stainless Steel Chilling Ball, Lid for top of glass while storing in Freezer. Pull glass out of freezer, take off lid and pour your drink right on top of the frozen Stainless-Steel Ball! Keep your drink cold and NOT watered Down! Not just Whiskey, the Chilling Ball can be used on wine, spirit, vodka, scotch and any drink that requires ice.
  • Made from high quality of 304 stainless steel that won’t rust or corrode and that holds a cold temperature incredibly well, it will not affect your drink’s flavor.

           Design & Tested In the USA!

           USA Veteran owned Company